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Killed in Action Wounded in action POW/MIA
Died during active duty
+ Contracted disease-illness-disability during service


World War II – Brief Timeline

Prelude to World War II
January 30, 1933
– Adolf Hitler and the Nazis come to power in Germany, forming the Third Reich
July 7, 193
7 – Chinese fired on Japanese troops in Peking
March 15, 1939
– Nazi troops seize Czechoslovakia
April 7, 1939
– Italian troops occupy Albania

September 1, 1939
– Germany invades Poland
September 3, 1939 – Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. Australia and New Zealand declare war on German.

World War 11 begins.
September 5, 1939 – South Africa declares war on Germany
September 10, 1939  – Canada declares war on Germany
September 17, 1939 – Poland falls to Germany
November 20, 1939 – Soviet forces invade Finland

Beginning of United States active involvement in World War II
December 7, 1941 –
Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; also attack the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, Malaya, Thailand, Shanghai and Midway.
December 8, 1941 – United States declares war on Japan
February 5, 1942 – United States declares war on Thailand
June 6, 1944
Major turning point of World War II, D-Day. By nightfall on June 6, 1944, Hitler’s Atlantic Wall on the rugged French beaches at the Coast of Normandy, had been breached by combined allied American, British, and Canadian forces, accompanied by contingents representing the governments-in-exile of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, and Poland. D-Day remains the largest seaborne invasion in history.
May 8, 1945 – V-E Day. President Truman declares victory in Europe
September 2, 1945 – Formal Japanese surrender ceremony on board the MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay as 1,000 carrier-based planes fly overhead; President Truman declares VJ Day.

Abrams, Paul A.

Adams, Allen O.

Adams, Oscar F.

Paul A. Abrams - W2

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI

From HHS Class of 1944

From the album of Roy M. Davis.

Allen Adams - W2 1942 - 1945
US Army
Artillery Survey – PFC
b 8/22/1909   d 3-1976
    Keeler MI    Decatur MI
Age 66y, 6m

In service 1942 – 1945

Served in
Tunisia, Naples, Rome.

Awards and Medals
» 3 Battle Stars
» 5 Overseas Service Bars
» Good Conduct Ribbon

From Keeler MI
Graduate of
Dowagiac High School

Lived on a farm between Keeler and Decatur at the time of his death.

Allen’s brother, Oscar Adams, also
served during WW11.

Photo and information submitted by Richard Frontczak 3-2-2005.

Oscar Adams - W2
US Army
Enlisted Reserve Corps
MOS 071 – Draftsman – Tech 3
b 3-5-1911    d 8-1983
Age 72 yrs

In service
1-22-1942 to 11-5-1945
4-22-1941 to 11-17-1941
Co M, 126th Infantry Regiment
Camp Livingston LA

Served in
Papan, New Guinea
and Luzon Campaigns

Studied Chemical Warfare at Camp Livingston LA in June, 1942.

Awards and Medals
» WW11 Victory Medal
» WW11 Service Lapel Button
» Good Conduct Medal
» American Defense Service Medal
» American Campaign Medal
» Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
with 3 bronze service stars
» Philippine Liberation Medal
with 1 bronze service star
» Presidential Unit Citation

Resided in Keeler MI 1911-1983.
Graduate of
Dowagiac High School 1930,
attended Country Grade School in Dowagiac MI.

Oscar’s brother, Allen Adams, also served during WW11.

Information and photo provided by
Richard Frontczak 7-26-2007.

Albright, Vern
US Army – S-Sgt
b 9-28-1915             d 1944
Van Buren Co MI        France

In service
12-14-1942 to 12-1944

Killed in Action
See WW11 Memorial

From the
Hartford Day Spring

Sgt. Albright Dead;
Wounded in Battle

S-Sgt. Vern Albright, well known in Hartford, where he was in the employ of J.C. Van Lierop as salesman for four years before joining the armed forces December 14,1942, is dead from wounds received while fighting in France December 2.  He had been overseas two months.

This information was received from the war department Tuesday afternoon by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Albright, of Watervliet.

Deceased was 29 years of age and was born in Van Buren county September 28, 1915. He moved with his parents to Watervliet 16 years ago.
  Allen Jr., Marion

Ament  Marks, Betty
Women’s Air Corp.

In service 19__ to 19__
Stationed at____

HHS Class of 1938


Marion Allen Jr. - W2
US Army

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI

Marion was married to
Lena Bouma Allen

Marion’s sons, Kenneth M.  Allen, Sr.
and David Allen, both served in the US Navy during Vietnam.
Anderson, Roy (Andy)
US Army – Private 1st Class
3rd Division
Army of Occupation

        Was drafted in early March, 1945.  After basic training at Ft. McCellan in Aniston, AL, I boarded the USS America for a 4-day journey to Germany as part of the Army of Occupation. At first, we pulled guard duty at the train station. This was headquarters company of the 3rd Division.  The war crime trials had just started and I was selected to be a Security Guard inside the courtroom. Being of German family decent, I could understand some of what was being said and this was a very interesting experience. 
       The opportunity arose for a transfer to Special Services to play baseball.  We all had our own private living quarters with the mess hall and cooks.  Practice was held almost every day when a game was not scheduled.  We had our own bus for transportation to other outfits to play other teams all over.  Most of the time, our mornings were free to do what we wanted.  Met a fellow on our ball club, by the name of Perkins, who liked to play golf.  There was a golf course nearby that was pretty bombed out, but had a couple of greens still intact with bomb craters in the fairways.  Perkins was a very good golfer and excellent instructor and talked me into learning to play golf.  We had golf clubs and balls at the Special Service building. There was an E.T.O. tournament later in the summer and Perkins said that we were going to get in it.  We practiced every chance we could.
        Perkins made the championship flight and I qualified for first flight.  Having caddied at home, I had some experience.  Perkins lost in his second match in match play.  I played 5 matches and won them all and received a medal for winning the first flight in the E.T.O. championships.  There were many pro’s and top amateurs in the service.
        We started playing basketball at the Special Service Center that fall.  We had the likes of John Mandrich, University of Oregon – All American, the Illinois wiz-kids Vance and Phillips, and many top college players.
         Early that spring, the 3rd Division headquarters were sent home and I was sent to Muchen and Dachau.  Dachau was the prison camp where several thousand people (prisoners) were executed.  The bodies were gone, but the blood-stained walls in the buildings were evident. The gas furnaces remained where prisoners were tortured and cremated.
         Played on the softball team and was written up in the
Stars and Stripes E.T.O. newspaper.  I played center field.  The right and left fielders were put into the infield and I covered the whole outfield and earned the name of Plastic Man Anderson.  Several days later during a game, I slid into 3rd base, my spikes hooked the bag anchor and I tore the tendons in my right foot.  Due to this injury, I was put out of commission for a long time after my discharge.
         Went overseas on the USS America in a 4-day journey and returned to the United States on a Victory Ship that took 15 days. 

In service
3-1945 to

Served in
Muchen and Dachau Germany,
Ft. McCellan in Aniston AL

Married Donna Vanderlyn Smith (HHS Class of 1943) and resided in Hartford since 1975.


Antcliffe Sr., Douglas G.

US Air Force
1st Lieutenant –  Pilot
B-24 Liberator Bomber
b 6-11-1916 in Canada
d 7-30-2002 in Grayling MI
Age 86y, 1m, 20d

In service 1943 to 1945
stationed at a 15th Air Force
Heavy Bomber Base in Italy.

Flew 30 missions in the
B-24 over Germany

Air Medal – Distinguished Flying Cross for Meritorious Achievement in Aerial Flight while participating in sustained operational activities against the enemy.

From Lawrence MI
LHS Class of 1934

Resided in Hartford 1939 – 1948

Douglas’ son, Douglas G. Antcliffe Jr., served in the Army 1955-1958

Arrowsmith, John
John Arrowsmith - W2

From the album of Roy M. Davis

Athey, Gaver
Cliff Dewey and Gaver Athey W2
US Army-Air Force

Gaver Athey, right
Cliff Dewey, left

Photo taken just
prior to entering service.

In service 19__ to 19__

Gaver was from
HHS Class of 1941

Photo contributed by
Bick Beckwith 11-22-2002

Axsom, Forest J.
US Navy – SKV3
b 12/21/1924     d 11/21/1997
72y, 11m, 2d
Buried at Ft. Custer
National Cemetery
Augusta MI
Plot: G 0 864

Bailey, Ralph

In service 19__ to 19__

Belgium and England

HHS Class of 19__

Bailey, Wesley R.
US Navy

In service 1945 – 19__

HHS Class of 1938
Beam, Clare Herbert
Clare Herbert Beam - W2
b 5-19-1921     d 5-2-1998
Age 76y, 11m, 15d
Buried in Keeler Cemetery
Keeler MI

In service 19__ to 19__

Clare is the father of Robert (Bob) Beam, who served in Vietnam and the brother of Jared Earl Beam, Garth Beam, and Francis Bernard Beam all of whom served in WW11.  John Jordan Beam, grandfather, served in the Civil War.  Grandson, Richard Alan Beam, served during the Persian Gulf War-Desert Storm and grandson, Robert E. Beam II served during 1993-1997 in the USMC.
Beam, Garth Beam, Francis Bernard

Beam, Jared Earl

Garth E. Beam W2
US Army – E6
b 3-31-1913     d 11-8-2000
Allegan MI       Gobles MI
Age 87y, 7m, 10d
Buried in
Watervliet City Cemetery
Watervliet MI

In service 1941-1945
Africa – fought Ramels troops

» EAME Theatre Medal
» Good Conduct Medal

Member of
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Henry Walters Post 2144 of Holland MI.

Watervliet High School
Class of 1932

Lived in Watervliet, Lawton,
and Gobles MI.

Watervliet Superintendent of Public Works from 1947 – 1977.

Brother of Clare Beam, Jared Earl Beam, and Francis Bernard Beam all of whom served in WW11.

Submitted 5-25-2003
by nephew, Robert (Bob) Beam,
who served in Vietnam.


Francis Bernard Beam W2
US Army – 1st Lt.
b 10-24-1914    d 12-20-1987
Allegan MI        Hazen AR
Age 73y, 1m, 28d

In Service
19__ to 19__

Resided in Watervliet-Hartford area until the 1950s when he moved to Hazen (Prairie Co.) AR.

Brother of Clare Beam, Garth Beam, and Earl Beam all of whom served in WW11.

Jared Earl Beam W2
US Air Corps

In service 19__to 19__

Brother of Clare Beam, Garth Beam, and Francis Bernard Beam all of whom served in WW11.


  Becktold, John (Jack)
US Marines
b 7-24-1929      d 11-16-2009
  Detroit MI       Mattawan MI
Age 80y, 3m, 25d
Ashes buried at
Ft Custer National Cemetery
Augusta MI

In Service
19__ to 19__

Son of
Peter & Henryetta (Cadow) Becktold

Married to
Mary Lou Becktold

He was the former proprietor of the A&W restaurant in Hartford during the 1960s and 1970s, and ultimately retired from DeGroot’s of Coloma MI

Last residence was Dundee FL.

John also served during the Korean War.



Beckwith, Bick
d 12-18-2013 
Battleground, WA

US Air Force – Pilot
Lieutenant Colonel, Ret.

Bick Beckwith with sons, Ted and Jim 1949
In service 1943 to 1973
* Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information in the Pentagon –
 two 4-year terms
* Chief of Public Information at the Air Force Academy – 4 years 
* 4 years in the Atomic and Nuclear Weapons program, Albuquerque NM
* 4 years in Japan with flights in and out of Korea
* 1 year at Danang Air Base
* RVN – Chief of Air Force Information for "I" Corps comprised of the 5 northernmost provinces of South Viet Nam.
* Commanded squadrons on several occasions,
* Base Executive Officer-Albuquerque NM

      Bick with Sons, Ted and Jim
           San Antonio TX – 1949

Retired from Air Force in 1973, accepted position of 
Vice President of Public Relations and Development at 
Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX

From Watervliet HS class of 1943
Attended Hartford High School until 11th grade


Photo taken after 
Jet Flight Training in 1950

Photo taken in VietNam

Bicks’ father, Glen W. Beckwith, served in the US Army during WW1.

2002 update – Retired to the community of Carlsbad, CA.  Employed by Del Mar Race Track in Del Mar, CA. since 1997 as a Supervisor of the Automatic Betting Machine Department.  Bing Crosby, Pat O’Brien, Jimmy Durante, and a host of Hollywood greats, built this track. The gates opened on July 3, 1937 when I was delivering the Chicago Tribune in Hartford, the only Tribune delivery boy in town. The Tribune Society Section of the Sunday Edition often featured a half page picture on page one of Bing and someone…Rosemary Clooney, Betty Grable, Harry James, etc.  I looked at those pictures and fanaticized about the glamorous, splendid, life style of folks who attended the races in far off sunny, golden, California. Here I am, a life time later, working at the very track that Bing built, walking the same areas where Desi and Lucy watched ponies run, where Jenny Craig and Tim Conway set today watching their horses.

Bedford, S.E.

Benson, Roy
US Navy
b 8-17-1924      d 12-23-2006
Chicago IL        Hartford MI
Age 82y, 4m, 8d

In service
19__ to 19__

Son of
Ernest an Hilda (Nelson) Benson

Former Justice of the Peace, volunteer fireman for Orland Park Fire Department, member of the Village of Orland Park Fire and Police Commission, founding president of Orland Park Chamber of Commerce, member of American Legion Orland Memorial Post 111, Accountant and Real Estate Broker in Orland Park IL.

From Orland Park IL,
with his last residence at
Van Auken Lake in Hartford MI.



S.E. Bedford - W2

From the album of Roy M. Davis

Birmele, Marvin E. Blackston, Coy F.
US Army
b 7-11-1918        d 6-1-2002
Harrison ARK       Hartford MI
Age 83y, 10m, 22d


Awarded the Purple Heart




US Army – Corporal

b 2-3-1922     b 9-28-1995
Age 73y, 7m, 25d
Buried at Ft. Custer
National Cemetery
Augusta MI
Plot : 11 0 1486

From Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

Marvin’s son, Raymond Birmele,
served in the US Navy during
the Vietnam era.

From the album of Roy Davis 12-2004
  Bohle, Ernest (Bud)
Ernest (Bud) Bohle - USN W2
US Navy
b 1-11-1928      d 2-14-1993   
Age 65y, 1m, 6d
Buried at Lawrence Cemetery
Lawrence MI
In service 1945 – 1947

USS Cocatin, Light Cruiser

Saw the Great Wall of China and the Yangtze River in China

Bronze Star

From Watervliet MI
WHS Class of 19__
Left school to enter service

Resided in Hartford from 1956

Emily Bohle, granddaughter of Ernest, also served in the 
US Navy during Afghanistan.

Information and photo submitted by his wife, June Bohle 11-2002

Bos, Henry

Boynton, John Burdette

Henry Bos - W2

From the album of Roy M. Davis


John Boynton - "Birdie"
US Air Force
Command Pilot – Colonel, Ret.
B29 Blind Date
b  1-20-1924 Bangor MI
d  9/23/2006 Fredericksburg TX
Age 82y, 8m, 5d

Wounded in action

In service
3-2-1942 to 6-30-1977

Career highlights:
» 1977 Retired Bird Colonel, relocated to Garden Ridge TX.
Bird Colonel is a full colonel, from the eagle insignia of grade, to distinguish from the one-grade-lower Lieutenant Colonel, whose insignia is a silver leaf.)
» 1974-1977 Director of Intelligence with 15th Air Force at March AFB.
» 1971-1974 Defense Attaché at US Embassy in Tehran, Iran during reign of the Shah.
» 1967 Served at Pentagon as Chief of Strategic Reconnaissance Branch.
» 1965-1967 Promoted to Colonel and Squadron Commander of 99th Squadron. Flew Blackbird SR-71’s at Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound).

Col. Doug Nelson, Col. Ray Haupt, Col. John Boynton, Col. Bill Haynes

Photo believed to have been taken during 1965-1967
(from website)

» 1960-1963 SAC Headquarters Offutt Field in Omaha, NE.  Went to night school and earned a Bachelors degree in 1964.
» 1958-1959 Assistant Director of Operations and flying U-2’s at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio TX.
» 1948-1958 Stationed in Savannah GA flying B-52’s. Started as 1st Lt. and Co-Pilot, promoted to Lt. Col. and Wing Deputy Director of Operations.
» 1949 Recalled to service to fly C-54’s on Berlin aircraft
» 1946-1948 Managed flying service at Sioux St. Marie
» 5-1945 Captain Boynton flying B-29 bombing runs over Tokyo, shot down, spent 4 months in Japanese prison camp.  Second youngest pilot ever to command the B29.
» 4-1942 Started Flight Training with Army Air Corps

Served on ZI bases, AT-17, B-17 and Overseas, B-29 at Tinian Island

Airman’s Medal (AM), Purple Heart (PH), ACMMIIVM, AFRESH, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA), National Defense Service Medal (NDSM), Air Force Longevity Service Award (AFLSA), Presidential Unit Citation (AFPUC), Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM), Legion of Merit (LOM), Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).

HHS Class of 1941

Doris Jean (DJ) Coleman from Johnstown, PA.

Resided in Hartford 1929-1942

Submitted by Larry Blyly on 2-22-2004 from
information provided by Stu and Irene Elder 12-7-2001

9-2006 Click here to view a wonderful tribute of John
written by lifetime friend, Stu Elder

Boze, Andrew

US Air Force Engineers

Served in Italy
In service 19__ to 19__

HHS Class of 1942


Brandt Jr., Robert


Robert Brandt Jr. -  Hartford MI - W2
US Army
Truck driver – TEC 5
Headquarters Battery
103rd Artillery Division
b 8-31-1920            d 3-9-1970
Benton Harbor MI     Watervliet MI
Age 49y, 6m, 9d
Buried at
North Shore Memory Gardens
Riverside MI

In service
11-30-1942 to 11-11-1945

From Paw Paw MI
Paw Paw High School Class of 1939

Served in
France, Ardennes, Germany,
Central Europe

Medals and Awards
» 2 overseas bars
» American campaign medal
» European-African-Middle Eastern Theater ribbon with 3 bronze battle stars
» WWII victory medal
» Good Conduct medal

Son of
Robert L. and Mayme (Christie)
Brandt Sr.

Married to
Virginia (First) Brandt

Resided in Hartford 1940 – 1970

Bob was an outstanding athlete for Paw Paw High from 1936-39.  He won many medals in conference, regional, and state track competition.  He was also an outstanding basketball and football player.  He turned down a college athletic scholarship offer to go into the truck driving business with his father. 

Photo is from the album of Roy M. Davis.

Information submitted by his son,
Mike Brandt


Brookfield, Robert (Bob)

Brown, Richard

Enlisted 3-22-1943 at Detroit MI
Honorable Discharge 
on 1-31-1946 at San Diego CA
(at a pay rate of $78.00 per month)
Served in the Pacific Area 
from 4-1944 to 9-1945 and was
engaged in the consolidation
 of the Solomon Islands.

From Hartford MI 
HHS Class of 1941

A humorous note about Bob was that he hated onions.  More than once, he pulled KP and was assigned to peeling onions.  He found ways to get rid of a lot of onions by throwing them out by the bushel with the skins spread on the top. 

Submitted by Bob’s wife, 
Cecelia Parascandolo Brookfield 

Bob Brookfield USMC W2
US Marine Corps –  Sergeant
b 1-5-1923         d 5-19-2000
Age 77y, 4m, 15d
Maple Hill Cemetery 
 Lot 134 W1/2, Section 19
  Hartford MI

Richard Brown - W2

From the album of
Roy M. Davis
Bullard, Bruce    
Bruce Bullard W2

From the album of Roy M. Davis

Byers, James

Cade, Frederick Mathew

Cade, John S.

Jim Byers W2
Flight Engineer 
US Navy – Lieutenant
b 1-4-1923           d 8-26-2004
Kalamazoo MI      St. Joseph MI
Age 81y, 7m, 23d
Buried at Hickory Bluff Cemetery Stevensville MI

In service 1942 to 1945
and 1949 to 1966

Flight Engineer on Flying Boats at 
Training Squadron 8A, Pensacola FL

Aviation Repair Unit in South Pacific

Served through WW11, Korean War, and Vietnam timeframe.

HHS Class of 1940

Jim Byers 1942-1966 W2
Photo taken at the Watervliet Fly-In
with Chrissy Dyer (granddaughter
of Bill Dyer) –  August 1991

Flight instructor at Benton Harbor
Ross Field for over 20 years.

Trumpet player in the Alumni Band.

Jim is the son of
George and Huldena (Krieger) Byers Harley and stepson of Edison Harley.

2003 update 
The rest of the story –
an interesting article from
the Herald Palladium


Fred M. Cade - W2
US Marine Corps
Sergeant 1st Class
Amphib Crew Chief & Driver
    b 6-16-1921           d 9-16-2004
New York City NY       Hartford MI
Age 83y, 3m, 2d
Burial at
Ft Custer National Cemetery
Augusta MI

In service 1943 – 1946

Stationed on the
Island of Guadalcanal.

Served in the Pacific:
and Guam.
Sent to Nagasaki when the war ended (what a terrible sight it was!)

From Hartford MI
HHS class of 1940

Resided in Hartford MI
since 1936

Son of
John and Agnes Cade

Married Frances Hartman Cade

Oct. 28, 1943

Owned the Shell Station in Hartford
for 20 years and Sinclair-Arco Gas
Station for 28 years.

Fred’s son, David Cade, served in the military during the Vietname Era.  His brother, John Cade, also served in the US Marine Corps during WW2.


John S. Cade and sister-in-law Frances Hartman Cade
US Marine Corps.
  b               d 6-26-2011
Astoria NY    Hamilton NJ
Buried at
St. John’s Cemetery
Allentown, NJ.

In service 1941 to 1945

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1941

Served in
Guadalcanal, New Zealand
and most of the Pacific area

Son of
John and Agnes Cade

Josephine K."Sherri" Cade

John was vice president of Gilbert and Mott for 32 years. He later owned and operated Cade Motor Company in Lawrenceville NJ.

He was a member of Our Lady of Sorrow-St. Anthony’s Parish, their PTA, Past President of Fathers Club at Notre Dame High School, former member of Hamilton Township Elks, lifelong member of Knights of Columbus Council #355, where he earned the designation of Fourth Degree Knight. He was also a member of the Trenton Country Club and former member of the Boca Raton Country Club, Florida.

John’s brother, Fred Cade,
also served in the US Marine Corps during WW2.

 Cadwell, Martin Klyver
US Army

 b 5-21-1926            d 4-13-2010
Benton Harbor MI          Hartford MI
 Age 83y, 10m, 24d
Buried in
North Shore Memory Gardens
Hagar Shore MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Medals and Awards

Purple Heart
and Bronze Star

Son of Leo and Bessie Cadwell.

Married to
Mina "Peggy" Wycoff Cadwell

Retired from
Benton Harbor Engineering

Member of
Keeler Fire Department


Carlson, Earl

Carmody, Joseph Edward

Earl Carlson - W2
US Coast Guard
Radarman – 3rd Class
b 3/12/1922        d 4/24/2002
Age 80y, 1m, 14d
Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 1942 to 1946

Served in
Seattle, WA and Pacific Ocean

From Lockport, ILL
LHS Class of 1940

Earl and Elaine Carlson moved to Hartford in 1959, where they managed the Citco City Service in partnership with Norb Nelson.  The business was located on Prospect Street near the old fairgrounds – once known as the Hartford POW camp and now known as the Hartford Speedway Racetrack.  Earl retired in 1986 and later became part of the Kellogg Hardware staff, where he worked up until the time of his passing in 2002.

US Navy Ret.
b 6-21-1929        d 1-7-2016
Dowagiac MI     Aynor SC
Buried at
Dorchester Memory Gardens
Summerville, SC

Hartford Michigan
Class of 1946

Son of
Gerald Hugh and Jenny Crosby Carmody

Married to
Juanita Collins Carmody


Last resided in Aynor SC.

Cartwright, Gordon A.
US Air Force
b 11-5-1927     d 11-9-2009
Arkansas      Hartford MI
Age 82y, 6d
Buried at
Fairview Memorial Cemetery,
Watervliet MI

In Service
19__ to 19__

Married to:
Susan (Howley) Cartwright

Last Residence:
Hartford MI

He worked at Midwest Timers.

Member of
American Legion Post 93, Hartford, MI


Chamberlin Olds, Claire

Chamberlin, George S.

Claire Chamberlin Olds - W2, US Marines
US Marine Corp.
 First Lt.
Women’s Reserve
b 7-3-1916      d 1-11-2014
 Chicago IL      Kalamazoo MI

Served at
Marine Air Station, 
Cherry Point NC
194__  to 194__

Daughter of
Earl and Marie Chamberlin

HHS Class of 1934
From Hartford MI

Married to John Olds HHS 1935,
who also served during WW11

George Chamberlin - W2

From Hartford
HHS Class of 19__


From the album of Roy Davis.

Clark, R.A. Collar, William D.

Colman, James Leslie

R. A. Clark W2

From Hartford

HHS Class of 1944

From the album of Roy Davis

US Army – Pfc.

In service 19__ to 1945

Killed in action 4/14/1945
See WW11 Memorial

From Hartford MI

HHS Class of 19__


James L. Colman US Navy 1945-47
US Navy
b 4/8/1927           d 10/23/04
Hartford MI            Elkhart IN
77y, 6m, 18d
Buried at Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 1945 to 1947

HHS Class of 1944
From Hartford MI

Son of
Franklin and Frances Colman

Married to Patricia Frazier,
HHS Class of 1948 and
Jeanette Morton Satterfield.

James was a brother of Robert D.  Colman, who served in WW 11

Photo and information provided by
Margaret Colman Martens and
Bill Dyer 12-2002

     Colman, Robert D.

Conolly, Robert Cook, M.D.

Robert Colman - W2
US Army Air Corp.
B29 Radio Operator – Corporal
b 10-29-1925          d 4-22-1991
Age 65y, 5m, 24d

Photo taken while in 
Air Force Flight Training

In service 1943 to 1945

HHS Class of 1943

Son of
Franklin and Frances Colman

Robert’s brother, James Leslie Colman, also served in WW 11.

Photos and information provided
by Margaret Colman Martens, Frank Colman, Bick Beckwith

b                d 6-10-2009
Hartford MI    Long Beach CA

In service 19__ to 19__

Served in
The Philippines

Medals & Awards
» Bronze Star

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1935

Married to
Marge Conolly

Last residence
Long Beach CA

Photo from the album of Roy Davis

M. D. Cook - W2

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford

HHS Class of 19__

Cotman Sr, Frank
Cotman Sr, Frank d 6-24-2012
US Army Air Force
b 8-22-1921    d 6-24-2012
Chicago IL     Hartford MI
Age 90y, 10m, 4d

Son of
Frank & Jenney Music Cotman

Married to
Lucy Cotman

Formerly employed with Auto Specialties at its Hartford plant, Clark Equipment of Benton Harbor and Gast Manufacturing of Benton Harbor, from where he retired.

Member of the American Legion Stoddard Post 93 of Hartford.

Cummings, Flo Cummings, Oscar Burt
US Navy – AS
b 4/26/1920        d 9/30/1990
Age 70y, 5m, 6d
Buried in
Ft. Custer National Cemetery
Augusta MI
Plot: 11 0 2156

Last residence:  Hartford MI


Dankert, Roger L.

Photo taken in India

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS class of 1936?

From the album of Roy Davis
Roger L. Dankert W11
US Army
Radio Operator
b 4-29-1919       d 12-4-2008
Bangor MI          Aurora CO
Age 89y, 7m, 9d
Buried in
Fairmount Cemetery
Denver CO

In Service
19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1936

Son of
Frank Dankert and Sadie Dillman

Married to
Alice Stainbrook

Resided in Hartford
until the late 1930s

Medals and Awards
» Two Battle Stars while serving in the Alsace Lorraine area.

Top honor of Star Fellow and served as Director 1987-1991 of National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors NAWCC

1-2009 – submitted by
Sandra K. Larmer, daughter.


  Day, Carl Day, Paul Wilford
Civil Air Patrol
Search and Rescue Pilot
b 9-11-1907     d 7-26-2005
Age 97y, 10m, 16d
Hartford MI       Otsego MI
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1927

Founding partner in
Hilltop Orchards and Nursery
Hartford MI

Won National Trap Shooting Award. Shot in same competitions
with Roy Rogers.


Carl Day W2
US Air Force
b 9-23-1917    d 7-12-2004
Hartford MI     Hartford MI

Age 86y, 9m, 21d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1935

From the album of Roy Davis


Davis, Louis F.

Davis, Roy M. (Bud)

US Army Air Force
b 12-7-1918      d 5-27-2004
Dowagiac MI    Kalamazoo MI
85y, 5m, 21d

In service prior to WW11 and served until wars end.

Attended Hartford High School
and would have been from the class of 1936, 37, or 38


               US Army Air CorpRoy Davis - USAF W2
                 1st Lieutenant
               Pilot – Multi Engine

          1943 to 1946 Active duty
             US Air Force Reserve
                    1946 to 1953
India-China Div. of the Air Transport Command, Burma (flew the Hump), India Theater. Stationed in Upper Assam Valley, then Myitkyina, Burma.

Battles and Campaigns
Central Burma, Northern Burma, China, Air Offensive Japan

Flight Training in Texas – Class 44G

1971 – P.h.D. – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI
1963-1964 – John Hay Fellowship at Yale University
1953 – MA Degree from Western Mich. Univ., Kalamazoo MI
1951 – BS Degree from Western Mich. Univ., Kalamazoo MI

HHS Class of 1942

Married Marion Kling HHS 1943, who served in the Cadet Nurses Corp.

Resided in Hartford 1924-1943, 1946-1966, and 1982-present.

1985 to present – writes a weekly feature column, The Paw Paw River Journal, for
The Tri-City Record, Watervliet MI. 

Authored and published three books,
Paw Paw River Times, People and Paw Paw River Days & Nights, and Flying the Hump

Webmaster note:  Bud is one of the great Hartford historians who unselfishly shares precious historic information.  We are very fortunate to have his remarkable recordings of Hartford’s past.  His newspaper column and books are filled with fantastic tidbits on the life and times of the developmental years in Hartford, Michigan.  He is a tremendous resource of informative photos and stories that he captured from other Hartford historians, most of whom are now deceased, as well as his own personal experiences.  You will see many of his contributions throughout the pages of this website as it is being built.  It’s been exciting communicating with Bud and Marion…and, we’ve only just begun to tap into the History of Hartford..

This photo of Bud and his wife, Marion, was taken in May, 2002 at the Memorial Day Service in Ely Park.

Dewey, Harold Clifford


US Army Air Corp-Air Force
Prop Specialist
Aircraft & Engine Mechanic
Staff Sergeant
557th Service Squadron
b 7-16-1922         d 7-17-2014
                               Roseville CA

1-25-1943 Enlisted at
Ft. Custer MI
11-23-1945 Discharged at 

 *Camp Grant, IL 9/1/45 to -9/5/45
*Came home on SS Argentina into
Camp Kilmer at NY Harbor.
*557 service squadron,
43 Service Group for 15th Air Force
454 & 455th B24
Bomb Grp’s at Cerignola, Italy.
*22nd Replacement Battalion
at Bari Italy.
*Camp Patrick Henry, VI
Departations Point
Liberty ship convoy – 
landed at Toronto, Italy.
*Kelly Field AFB, TX.
*498 Service Squadron
at Barksdale
Field LA.
Kelly Field AFB, TX.
*Aero Products Prop School
Vandalia OH
*Hamilton Std Prop School, RI
*Curtis Wright Prop School NJ
*Aircraft & Engine school
at Stewart Tech, NY
*Basic Training – Miami Beach FL

» Rome-Arno
Po Valley North Appenines
» Air Offensive Europe and
Southern France
» Air offensive in Balkans
» Good Conduct Medal
» Award of Merit with
557th Service Squadron
(serviced 454 & 455th Bomb Group’s
15th Air Force)

Harold’s brother, Frank L. Dewey,
served in the US Army during Korea and sister, Lola Elaine Dewey, served in the Cadet Nurse corps in WW2

Harold C. Dewey - W2 1943

Photo taken in 1943
Basic Training in Miami Beach FL

While with the 15th Air Force in  Italy, went on 2 missions over the Polesti Oil Fields as a Flight Engineer-Gunner (15th Air Force was formed to bomb Hitler’s oil supplies).  Went on one 8-hour mission over Germany. On this flight, all crew members, except the pilot and myself, became so ill they could not perform their duties. I became Flight Engineer, Navigator, and Radio Operator.  In-between times, I was Nurse to the rest of the crew.
It was a long flight!.

After WW11, joined UNITED AIRLINES in San Francisco as a A & P Mechanic, Aircraft & Engine and Inspector, Line Maintenance Planner, Technical Assistant for Turbine Aircraft. Retired as Foreman of  Aircraft Maintenance after 36 & 1/2 years.

Resided in Hartford
1924 to 1940

HHS Class of 1940

Son of
Harold W. Dewey & Lola Lawer

Married to
Elgene Dewey

2003 – Have lived in San Francisco Peninsula since 1948, in Mountain View CA since 1955.  Moved to
Roseville, CA in 2013.

Photo contributed by
Bick Beckwith 11-22-2001

Dewey Bleich Lola Elaine  

Lola Elaine Dewey W2
Cadet Nurse Corps
Cadet Nurse
b 11-26-1919    d 10-6-2015
Ulysses NE

In service
Sept 1943 – July 1946

Hartford Michigan

Hartford High School
Class of 1937

Married to
2nd LT Arthur H. Bleich

Daughter of
Harold W. Dewey & Lola Lawer

After attending Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo for one year to become a Kindergarten Teacher, I decided to join the Cadet Nurse Corps at Mercy Hospital, Benton Harbor, Michigan. They sent us to Detroit to attend Wayne State University. Then I worked at Children’s Hospital in Detroit for one year. Next affiliation was Cook County Hospital in Chicago for Psychiatry & neurology and became an RN. Married 2nd LT Arthur H. Bleich in 1946 but he was in the Reserves so was sent to Korea. Sold our house, stored furniture & got our new car in time to drive to California. He was kept at Fort Rosecrans to teach Gunnery so we stayed in California ever since. While in charge of surgery at Chicago Bethany Hospital, I prepared the then famous singer Ray Eberle for surgery. While on leave, I went to Beverly Hills, Ca. to visit
Ruth Terry (a Benton Harbor girl who was now in the movies). She took me to the Hollywood Canteen where many stars were serving refreshments to the Servicemen, so  Claudette Colbert served me, as I was in my Cadet uniform.

Lola is the sister of
Harold Clifford Dewey, who served in WW11 and
Frank L. Dewey, who served in Korea

Information and photo
submitted by Frank Dewey’s son,
Darrell Dewey, on 3-23-2008.

Dilno, Harvey V. Disbrow, Roger "Dizzy"
US Navy

In Service 19__ to 19__

From HHS Class of 1938

Harvy Dilno - W2
     US Air Force 
Tech Sergeant 
Crew Chief – B25-B Bomber
In charge of all gunners 
and communications.
b 10-4-1918    d 11-24-2006
Age 88y, 1m, 22d

In Service 19__ to 19__

Awarded Victory Medal

1934 Graduate of Oakwood High School, Kalamazoo MI.
 From Almena, Michigan.

Resided in Lawrence MI since 1970. Last residence was Hartford.

Participated in the 
18 Apr 1942
Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Japan. 
Click on the link for many original Doolittle Raid photos.
Col. James A. Doolittle 
Drake, Donald Duncombe, Charles Moss DuVall, Elmer James "Jim"

Donald and Joyce (Myers) Drake, W2, US Army
US Army
b 9-5-1921       d 4-16-2009
Bangor Twp MI    Hartford MI
Age 87y, 7m, 11d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 194_ – 194_

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1940

Son of
Curtis & Jean (Humphrey) Drake

Married to
 Joyce Myers Drake

HHS Class of 1940


Lifetime fruit farmer in Hartford.


Hartford Township Supervisor
from about 1973-1987

Former member of the
Hartford School Board


Member of the
 » Hartford Federated Church
serving as Deacon, Sunday Superintendent and
Sunday School teacher
» Gideons


Avid deer hunter and fisherman.


"You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you."    John 15:16


Charles M. Duncombe - W2
US Navy
Electronic Technician – 3rd Class
b 9-27-1927           d 1-24-2009
 Keeler MI              Houston TX
Age 81y, 3m, 30d
Cremains buried at
Keeler Cemetery
Hartford (Keeler) MI

In service
1-4-1946 to 10-29-1947
Honorable Discharge

Served in
▪ Guam
▪ Great Lake Naval Base, Great Lakes IL

From Keeler MI
Hartford High School Class of 1944

Son of
Charles McMillan & Grace (Moss) Duncombe

Married to
Doris (Fullriede) Duncombe
of Watervliet MI

Owned Duncombe’s Radio Shop
 in Keeler MI until 1958.

Relocated to Houston TX in 1978.

Worked for Perry Oceanographics, where he helped build a submarine from Lotus body for the 1977 James Bond movie,
The Spy Who Loved Me.


Elmer James "Jim" Duvall - W2
US Navy
b 5-20-1923          d 7-5-2007
     Chicago IL      Green Valley AZ
Age 84y, 1m, 17d
Buried at
Watervliet Cemetery
Watervliet MI

In Service
19__ to 19__

Served in
New Caldonia

New Caledonia is located in Oceania – islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia, surrounded by the Coral Sea.

U.S. forces landed on New Caledonia in 1942 when the United States entered World War II. New Caledonia became an important outpost in the battle for the Pacific during World War II. With its central Pacific location, New Caledonia provided a strategic air base as well as personnel and logistics support for the war.  The U.S. commitment to New Caledonia during World War II, deterred Japanese forces from taking the island. Over the course of World War II, over 40,000 U.S. troops were stationed on the small Pacific island nation.

After leaving the Navy, Jim relocated to Hartford and opened his own television business.  He then worked for Sears and retired in 1988. After his retirement, he worked for Kellogg Hardware in Hartford.

Son of
James H and
Mary (Truszkowski) Duvall

Margaret Betz Duvall

Dyer, Earl M. Preston Eiswald, Barbara L. Elder, Stewart

Earl Dyer W2
US Army – Sergeant
     b 1917       d 1978    
Age 61
Chemical Warfare Service
New Caledonia and
the Far East

In service 1941-1945

HHS Class of 1937

Photo contributed by William Dyer, who served during Korea.
Barbara Louise Eiswald d 2-22-2013
US Navy
b 5-8-1922       2-22-2013
Eau Claire MI    Holland MI
Age 90y, 9m, 19d

In service
19__ to 19__
2 years service

From Eau Claire MI

Daughter of
Harry & Bessie Easton Preston

Married to
Ernest Iswald

Stewart Elder W11

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1941

Son of
James and Caroline Elder

From the album of Roy Davis

Stewart’s sister,
Joan Elder Scouller, served in
the Army during W2

Elder Scouller, Joan

Erskine, Robert (Bob) Byron

Erwin, John

Joan Elder Scouller W2
US Army – 1st Lieutenant
Medical Specialist Corp
Occupational Therapist
b 11-14-1925     d 9/26/2013
     Detroit MI      La Cholla AZ
    Interned at
Ft Rosecrans, San Diego CA

In service
1949 to 1953

Served at
Wm. Beaumont Army Hospital
El Paso TX

Resided in Hartford 1929-1948
HHS Class of 1943

Daughter of
James and Caroline Elder

Married to
Don Scouller

Retired as an
Elementary Teacher
Television Resource Teacher for all of San Diego City Schools.

Joan’s brother, Stewart Elder,
served in the military during W2

Robert Erskine W2
US Navy
Gunner’s Mate – 2nd Class
b 12-9-1925        d 4-15-2001 
Age 75y, 4m, 7d
Died at Bakersfield CA
Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, 
Bakersfield CA

In Service 
1942 – 1947  WW11
Kodiak, Alaska

1948 – 1952  Korean War
Pacific Ocean 

Campaign and Services Awards

Resided in Hartford 1940-1942

From HHS Class of 1945
Did not graduate with class, 
left school to enter service.

contributed by
Bick Beckwith 11-22-2002

John W. Erwin - W2 USMC
US Marine Corp. Reserve
3- 7-1924      d 10-3-2013
Chicago IL          Reno NV

Stationed in Hawaii
In service 1943  to 1946

HHS Class of

Earned Degrees
Bachelor of Science
Engineering Physics
Michigan Technological Univ
Masters in Geophysics
Colorado School of Mines

Professor Of Geophysics
named Professor Emeritus in 1985
University of Nevada

Son of
John and Jeanie Winton Erwin

Married to
Patricia Young Erwin HHS 1943

Photo from the album of
Roy (Bud) Davis

Farrell, Richard E.

  Fernham, George Robert

Richard Farrell - W2
US Army
b 12-15-1913           d 7-12-07
Grand Rapids MI     South Bend IN
Age 93y, 6m, 28d
Buried at
Silverbrook Cemetery
Niles MI

In service
19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1935.
He was class Vice President during
his junior year.  He also played football, basketball, and baseball for Hartford High School during his senior year and possibly other years.

Richard is the Captain in the
HHS football team photo of 1935,
back row, 2nd from right.  An active sportsman all his life, he played for and assisted in managing minor league teams of the Chicago Cubs and the House of David.  A newspaper article was published in the July 1989 issue of Sports Illustrated about him.

Son of Fred Buckle and Letha Millard, adopted and raised in Hartford MI.

During his lifetime, Richard was a machinist and also owned and operated gas stations in Niles. 

Last residence was Niles MI.

George R. Fernham W2 - Hartford Michigan
US Army
Heavy Equipment Driver – TEC 5
Co. B 821st Engr Aviation Battalion
 b 3-29-1920              d 2-16-2000
Benton Harbor MI       Dowagiac MI
Age 79y, 10m, 20d
Buried at
Watervliet Cemetery
Watervliet MI

In service
1-28-1942 to 5-20-1945
+ Contracted disease-illness-disability during service

Served in
Bismarck Archipelago,
Philippine Liberation Campaigns

Having served on the Fiji Islands, George fell in love with the area and always wanted to return, but was never able to.

Awards and Medals
» 2 Battle Stars
» Philippine Liberation Ribbon
» Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon
» 5 Overseas Service Bars

From Dowagiac MI
Attended Eau Claire High School,
Eau Claire MI

Resided in Hartford 1955 – 1997

Son of
George H & Clara (Fisher) Fernham

Married to
Dorothy (Kraklau) Fernham

Fredericks, Harlan

Frye, Harold

In service 19__ to 19__



(Don Rose and Harlan Fredricks)
US Army – Sergeant
B 12-25-1924     d 10-17-2012
Hartford MI          Allegan MI

In service 1943 to 19__

873rd Engineer Aviation Battalion

Overseas 20 months

Served in New Guniea,
 Mindanao, Zamboanga,
Leyte, Okinawa, Japan

» Asiatic Pacific Ribbon with
4 campaign stars
» Bronze Star
» Good Conduct Medal
 » American Theatre Ribbon
Philippine Liberation Ribbon

HHS Class of 1943

Don and Harlan were good
friends during high school

Photo contributed by
Don Rose via Bill Dyer.


Furlan, Arthur D. (Toots)
US Army Air Corp – Lieutenant
Pilot Instructor,
Bomber Crew Member

Arthur Furlan W2
b 12-29-1920      d 4-4-2009
                         Riverside CA

In service
11-7-1940 to 11-3-1945

Stationed at
Hickam Field, Hawaii

Held the 147 lb Boxing Team Title

Asian Pacific Air Medal
Good Conduct Medal

Arrived at Hickam Field in December, which is next to Pearl Harbor.   My mother had a heart attack in Nov. 1941 and I had returned home.  On Dec. 7, 1941, the US got hit very hard by bombs.  I was lucky and missed the bombing that occurred at Pearl Harbor. After I returned to Hickam in Jan. 1942, the Battle of Midway and Wake Islands occurred.

Completed Pilot Training at Douglas AZ on the Mexican border and remained there as a B-25 Bomber Instructor.  Transferred to Lincoln NE in Aug, 1945 and was about to fly out with the crew when the war ended. Discharged in Nov, 1945…should have stayed in.

Art’s parents owned a farm 2 miles west of Hartford from 1927-1943.

From Hartford
Thomas School
HHS Class of 1940

Son of
Joseph & Emma Furlan

Married to
Gloria Furlan

After I took Katherine home to Lawton, I drove to our Hartford drug store hangout to see if anything was happening. 

As I pulled up in front of Clark’s Drugs, I saw a group of 12 to 15 guys gathered around Art Furlan.  Joining the group I noticed Art, in his Army uniform, was the center of attention.  He was discussing the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The first I’d heard of this, I had no idea what he was talking about.  What was ‘Pearl Harbor?’  I’d never heard of the place.

Art was three years ahead of me in school, class of 1940.  After graduation, he enlisted in the Army.  The Government was drafting 21-year-old men for one year’s duty.  The slogan of the day was, "Good-bye dear, I’ll be back in a year."  By enlisting, a man could get his choice of assignment/training.  That is what Art had done.  He was home on Christmas leave from his assignment in Hawaii.  But, with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Art had received an Army telegram recalling him to immediate duty.  He was waiting for the Greyhound bus to Chicago so he could catch a train to California.  It would be four years before Art got home again!

Art’s evaluation of the situation, (which, to us, represented the United States Government’s position, he being in an Army uniform) was that we were at war with Japan and that most of us would be drafted to serve in the Army!  Japan’s declaration of war on the US the next day was just a matter of formality, because a State of War existed when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  As a 16-year-old High School Junior, I didn’t think I’d be affected.  My dad, a WWI Army veteran, said, "Bick, now that we (the United States) are in this war, we’ll end it in less than two years just like we did WWI.  They’re drafting 21 year olds. You’re only 16. It’ll be over before you’re old enough to go." 

Well, within a few months, the draft age was dropped to 18 and now I was 17 and the war was far from over.  This suddenly became serious business.  By 1943, I was in uniform undergoing Army Air Force flight training.  It took me nearly 30 years to finish that assignment, as I stayed in and made a career of the Air Force. I was lucky.  Guys like Red Snodgrass, Nat Munro, Birdie Boynton, Bud Davis, Sonny Morris, Buster McCombs, and all the others who were in combat theaters, killed, wounded, or made it back in one piece, they are the heroes of the day…

The following was written by Bick Beckwith regarding Art Furlan and the war:

We lived in the small Southwestern Michigan town of Hartford.  On Sunday, December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese launched it’s sneak bombing attack on Pearl Harbor, Katherine Stoker of Lawton and I went to the movie at the State Theater in Kalamazoo.  Saw "Birth of the Blues" with Bing Crosby and Mary Martin. 

Fulton, Franklin G. (Bud)

Fulton, Walter Robert

Galbreath, James C.

Franklin Fulton W2 US Navy
US Navy
Boatswain’s Mate – 2nd Class
b 7-3-1922     d 1-8-2005
Chicago IL     Coloma MI

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1942

Truck driver in civilian life.

From the album of Roy Davis

Robert Fulton US Navy W2
US Navy
b 5-6-1924    d 3-10-1994
                    Lawrence MI 

From Hartford
HHS Class of 19__

From the album of Roy Davis

US Coast Artillery
US Army – TEC 4
b 9-17-1912        d 1-1-1982
                          Lakeland FL
Age 69y, 3m, 16d
Buried at
Ft. Custer National Cemetery

Buried 11/18/1983
Plot: C 0 609
Augusta MI

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1931

From the album of Roy Davis

Sister, Marybelle Galbreath Reid served in the US Navy during WW2. Brothers William and Richard also served in the Army during WW2.

Galbreath Reid, Marybelle

Galbreath, Richard D.
US Army  –  Corporal
b 9-14-1917        d 7-2-1990
                         St. Joseph MI
Age 72y, 9m, 19d
Buried at
Ft. Custer National Cemetery
Buried 7-9-1990
Plot C 0 303
Augusta MI

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1936

Sister, Marybelle Galbreath Reid served in the US Navy during WW2. Brothers James and William also served in the Army during WW2

 Galbreath, William "Bill"
William Galbreath d 1-7-2013
US Army
b 9-14-1922        d 1-7-2013
Hartford MI     Stevensville MI
Age 90y, 4m, 6d
Buried at
Lincoln Township Cemetery Stevensville MI

In Service
19__ to 19__

Served in the
European Theater

Son of
Stanton & Margaret Cronin Galbreath

Married to
Ida Galbreath

Spent more than 28 years in public education in Michigan as teacher, principal and superintendent of the schools.

Sister, Marybelle Galbreath Reid served in the US Navy during WW2. Brothers James and Richard also served in the Army during WW2

Marybelle Galbreath W2
US Navy
b  1921           d 9-18-2005
Hartford MI     Leesburg FL
Age 84
Buried at
Florida National Cemetery
Bushnell FL

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1937

From the album of Roy Davis

 Brothers James, Richard, and William served in the Army during WW2

   Garner, "Richard" Edward 
"Richard" Edward Garner d 11-20-2000
US Navy – Lieutenant, Retired
b 5-1-1929     11-20-2000
Chicago IL     Tuscon AZ
Age 71y, 6m, 22d
Ashes buried at sea with
formal Naval ceremony.

In Service 1946 to 1967

His duty assignments took him throughout the world.  In the early days of the Space Program he served aboard the Aircraft Carrier Kearsarge which was assigned responsibility for recovery of the astronauts and the space capsules.

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1946

Son of
Clarence and Louise Garner

Married to
Ruth Kimball Garner

Garrison, Mary

In service 19__ to 19__

HHS Class of _


Garrison, William Donald “Don”
US Army
126th Infantry, 32nd Division
b 11-8-1916       d 6-3-2008
Sodus Twp MI     Hartford MI
Age 91y, 6m, 26d
Buried at
Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Sodus MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Son of
Ora and Mittia (Neer) Garrison

Lifetime member of
DAV of Benton Harbor MI

Retired from
Southern Michigan Cold Storage

Married to
Eithel (Akright) Garrison
Jennie (Garlanger) Garrison


Goss, Orville

Granger, Martin

Orville Goss W2

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS class of 19__

From the album of Roy Davis

12-28-1944 Hartford Day Spring
In a letter to the citizens of Hartford, Pvt. Orville Goss, who is stationed at Camp :Stewart. Georgia, writes:  "I wish to thank you one and all for the nice Christmas package I received, and to extend to you my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

Martin Ganger W2

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 19__

From the album of Roy Davis



Groth, Norgert George

US Navy
b 1-11-1925      d 10-1-1947
                       Lewiston PA
Age 22y, 8m, 20d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

Son of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groth

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1943


Links: – Casualties on US Ships Hit by Allied Gunfire During WW2.  Very informative site on Revolutionary through Desert Storm Wars and Conflicts of the United States Navy.

This site will change when names and photos become available.  Check back often for updates.  Please email the webmaster with information about anyone who served in the military and lived in Hartford OR Keeler at any time during their life.