Search for all documents containing matching words or patterns.   Websites covered by this search are for the Hartford Business Directory, as well as the History of Hartford pages.  To search the entire website, insert a key word, company name, or part of a name. If you searched for the word indians you would find every page of this website that contains the word "indians".  However, narrow the search drastically by inserting AND or + between the searched words.  You are more likely to find the results you want by limiting the number of words used in your search phrase.

     Example:  indians or pokagon    By using AND (in UPPER or lower case letters), the search is narrowed to only pages containing both words OR just use the word pokagon to obtain the similar results.
     To search for a specific phrase, surround the phrase with quote "  " marks. For example:  "class of 1945" would bring back all pages containing the exact phrase class of 1945.

TIP:  DoNOT include the words "Hartford" OR "MI" OR "Michigan" in your search.  ALL pages on the websites contain those words and search results will then list every page on the website.

This search does NOT include the HHS Graduate database….
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