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Liebenthal Dentistry
Dr. Ed Liebenthal DDS
Dr. Sue Liebenthal DDS

State-of-the-art dental practice with gentle, compassionate dental care for the whole family.
Cosmetic, implants, orthodontic, sedation, restorative dentistry.

Voted 2006 Best Professional Business

19 W. South St Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-6441
Ravi, S. MD 30 West Main St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-2166
Rite Aid Pharmacy 302 West Main St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-3654
Stagg Medical Center 525 South Center St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-6414
Van Buren Co. Mental Health 57150 C.R. 681 Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-6251
 Immediate Area:
Lakeland Community Hospital, Watervliet

Acute care health facility with Emergency Department
 ▪ Inpatient & Outpatient rehab occupational health
Center for Joint Replacement
After Hours Clinic
Medical Centers in Hartford, Coloma, Bangor

Community Rehabilitation Center
Stagg Medical Center
400 Medical Park Dr. Watervliet MI 49098 (269) 463-3111


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