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  Hartford Public Library

     The Hartford Public Library serves
the community as an information center with public internet computers, books, children’s story hour, audio cassettes, newspapers and periodicals.

     Something for all ages!

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Monday & Wednesday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Saturday

Visit our website at http://www.hartfordpl.michlibrary.org
Click here to send email to Stephanie Daniels, Librarian

Click here to send email to the Hartford Public Library


21 Franklin Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-3408
 Local Government


Hartford City Hall

Click on the underlined links below to email us:

cityclerk@cityofhartfordmi.org OR cityclerk@hartfordmi.com
citytreasurer@cityofhartfordmi.org OR  citytreasurer@hartfordmi.com
citymanager@cityofhartfordmi.org or citymanager@hartfordmi.com

19 West Main St.  Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-2477
  Hartford Council for Recreation 130 Lincoln Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-6100


Hartford Fire Department
   Click here to send us an email
East Main St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-4707
  Hartford Police Department 
   Click here to send us an email
19 West Main St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-3225
  Hartford Emergency – 911 911 (Emergency)
  Hartford Public Works Beechwood St Hartford MI  49057 (269) 621-3022


Hartford Township Hall
Click here to send an email
61310 CR687 Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-4658
  Hartford Wastewater Treatment Pinery Rd. Hartford MI  49057 (269) 621-2289
 School Systems
  Hartford Adult Education – Keeler 67512 90th Ave. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-2463


Hartford Adult Education – Hartford 115 School St. Hartford MI 49057 (269) 621-7009


Hartford Public Schools

     Hartford Public Schools
Hartford Schools – Central Office
Hartford High School
Hartford Middle School
     Red Arrow Elementary School
     Woodside Elementary School
     Hartford Summer Migrant Program

115 School St.

115 School St.
141 School St.
15 East St.
395 60th. St.
115 School St.


Hartford MI  49057
Hartford MI 49057
Hartford MI 49057
Hartford MI 49057
Hartford MI 49057

Hartford MI 49057
Hartford MI 49057


(269) 621-7000
(269) 621-2441
(269) 621-2401
(269) 621-2445
(269) 621-6458
(269) 621-6451
(269) 621-2441

Keeler Migrant Headstart Program – Telamon Corporation 89210 CR 687 Hartford MI 49057 (269) 424-3521

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